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Access Control

Intelligent elevator management system  offer a scientific, efficient and safe method for the implementation of modern management, and now it is applicated widely in  factories, government agencies, intelligent buildings, intelligent residential, office buildings, hotels and other places.


Elevator control, Floor control managerment, VIP cabinet management, employee locker control cabinet control.


1. User friendly, only  need flash the authorized card, then go to the authorized floor.

2. Setup the authorization at any time, the operator can setup the authorization in the software at any time, it includes the access level, access time.

3. Flexible configration, the customer can choose the equipment as their requirment.

4. High security. All the cards can not be copied,the operator can cancel the acess level when it is lost, and also can recover its authority after it is found. There will have all the events’record in the software for knowing the people’s in and out.

5. One card for multi-purpose. In SECUSYS system, the user only need one card, he can be the user for elevator access, door access, Time*Attendence, parking lot, Pos, then it will save the cost.

6. Powerful Function. SECUSYS elevator control system is developed for the elevator customer, it can full with the customer’s  requirment.


1Floor Access Level
The operator can setup the user’s floor access level in the software, then the user go into the elevator, flash the card, then the user can go to the floor which he has the access. If the user have no card, he will have no access, and then he cannot go to any floor of the elevator.
2Temporary Card
For vistor, the operator can give the vistor the tempoary card, then setup the access level for the vistor, it includes the valid time, authorized floor, authorized elevator. When the vistor leave, the operator can cancel the access level for the tempoary card.

3Visit Function
In each Elevator, the customer can add a “Visit “ function. In the normal sicuation, when the user flash the card, the user only can go to the floor he live; When the user have the access level for more than 1 floor, then , after the user flash the card, the user need click the floor button where he need go.
4Security card Management
For some special visitor, the security guard can open the door for them, but the operator should give the access level for the security guard.
5 Door Phone Function
When the vistor call the user through the door phone, then the user can click the button to open the door, at the same time, through the flow control, the elevator will go to the 1st floor, then the visitor will go to the user’s floor.

6Real-time monitor

The operator can monitor the cards events in the monitor room, when the user flash the card, then the operator will see the card event in the monitor room, also includes the user’s information.


LPU8110: Main Control Bord: Reader

The SECUSYS2000 will store all the cards events, then the operator can find any card events through the filter function.

8Alarm restoration

When there is a fire alarm, the Fire button in the elevator will work, and then, the elevator will have no access level limitation.


1. SECUSYS2000 Elevator control software

2. LPU8110 Elevator Controller board.

3. LPU8111 Elevator expand controller board.

4. FPU8104, Floor signal controller

5. FSC8105 controller Processor

6. 6609M/6611KU Reader

7. Other euipment,example:converter, card, pinter etc