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Bank Door

Self-service Bank

Bank access controller is designed for banks Process, it regulates the access to bank lobbies within and beyond opening hours.

Bank access controller can be used for internal and external use, even in the most hostile environments. The controller works according to following modes, according to time zones: free access, access forbidden, access controlled and holidays.When using the Bank access controller, all the card events for the card holders will be recorded, it is effective to prevent the stranger to enter the self-service bank point.

Install the Magnetic reader outside the bank door, all the people who want to enter need flash the bank card. Through the BankWatch software, all the card events will be recorded. And the Operator can setup the other fucntions in the software, example, the operator can setup the bank door to be Auto-sensing Status in the daytime, and setup the bank door to be open by flash card in the night.


Compitable with ABA and RS232 magnetic reader

Events storage is up to 4096

Multti-work mode

Flow Control

Remote control for any door components

Alarm for 1-255 seconds when the door opened overtime.

Alarm Alerts
---Door open overtime
---Force Open
---Controller is damaged

Data will stored for 180 days when poweroff.


-BPU8018 access controller

-MR500 Magnetic reader(the 2nd and 3rd magnetic line)

-BankWatch Software

-IC-232 Converter(Optional))

-PS1240 Powersupply

-Electronic lock or magnetic lock(optional)

-1011 exit  release

-Bank card

Bank card access level can be set up:

-China bank

-China Construction bank

-China Industrial and Commercial Bank

-Agricultural Bank

-China Merchants Bank

-Bank of Communication

-China EverBright Bank