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Car Parking

SECUSYS has experience in researching and developing intellectualized transportation technology in China. And attract many senior experts and engineering technician who specialized in transportation plan, traffic control and management of charged items.

KEY3000 Car Park System with induction type Mifare card adopts the RFID technology, it organically integrate the mechanism, electronic automation equipment, computer with intellectualized RFID technology. So the system can effectively manage the vehicles In-Out. KEY3000 intellectualized car park system are composed of entrance dispensing machine, exit dispensing machine, KEY3000 car park controller, brake, vehicle detector, video camera, image snapshot card, charge management computer and charge management software, etc. The whole system with excellent quality and attractive and durable, and also equip the function of image compare and charging the car with temporary card.

The integrated system is well-suited for housing estate, intellectualized building, and corporation and government office, it convenient for them to realize the modernization management and helps them to strengthen enterprise management and improve company’s image.
SECUSYS ParkWatch3000 is designed for the parking lot management, it includes Server moduel, Guard House moduel, Plate No. auto-recognition moduel. iAccess authorisations can easily be configured according to badge permissions, group members, counters values, time sones,etc
Multi Language,ParkWatch support English, Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese.

Two Database:Access2000/SQL2000.
32 kinds of access level for the operator to add user and setup the access level.
Supports monthly card, hourly card, speical card etc.
Charges as the time, can be distinguished corresponding to the peak time or idle time.
Broadcast Functions.
LCD Functions, and the content is optional.
Guard house and the server are installed in different place to be more safe.
Plate No. auto-recognition moduel.(optional)
Data back up and restore function, and all the events can be export as excel and text document.
Search, Add, Delete quickly.

Support KEY3000 series.

Computer Cofigration Suggestion:
Item Requirment
Main board Intel Pentium4,512M
Display XGA display card and color monitor resolution≧1024*768)
Hard disk 80G(7200 rpm)200M for Valid
Keyboard Standard
Mouse Standard
Operation System Windows 2000 Professiona SP4/Server, Windows XP  Professiona SP2/Server

Good Compatibility The system can completely compatible with IC and ID readers (Wiegand), such as: Motorola、HID、Mifare、Legic、EM etc of readers.
Image snapshot, compare function The system automatically start camera and store the photos in the computer when car entry/exit. When the car is going to leave the car park, the computer will automatically compare this new photo with the last photo which the car drove into the car park. And the security custody clerk has been keeping the safe condition of cars under full real-time surveillance. There is collision-free when the car enters the car park and the other car exit in the same time. All the photos which taken by camera will store in the hard disk of computer, and every photo has its time record, it is very convenient for checking for later.
Full real-time monitoring The system always records the status of vehicle In-Out full real-time even there is no vehicle In-Out.
Card holder/ Events storage 5000 induction cards, 5000 different batches; 12000 events storage.
Supports variety of cards Monthly Rental card, Temporary card, Stored value card and Special card.
Offline working function The system can automatically store all transaction record and data when the computer is offline.(12000 events)
LED Display Function You can setup corresponding content which will show on the LED Chinese display screen in the software, and it can automatically statistics and show “full position” according to the setting.
Anti-smash vehicle function When the car is under the brake bar, theunderground induction coil can detect the car, so the brake bar will not fall until the car completely drive away.
Manual control function Supports manual control when the power off.
Communication TCP/IP, directly connect to LAN;R485/232 communication, The transmission distance between controller of entry/exit and fee computer ≥1200 meter; Communication Speed: 9600/4800 1,1,n。
Protection Input anti-over current protections, All Input/Output data can automatically return to default value when it is normal, all relays output have the anti transient over-voltage protection.
Extension/ multi-entry and multi-exit function The car park controller supports networking function by LAN, it can realize multi-passageway networking and also can provide them customization code and it helps them to integrate their new function into the system.