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SECUSYS2000 Integration System

The SECUSYS2000 Software is a fully integrated solution for Access Control, Intrusion Detection (Burglary), CCTV, Time & Attendance, and Building Management. All controls are through one software and one controlling point. The SECUSYS2000 software manages multiple tasks

using WINDOWS 2K/XP and supports multiple database such as MSSQL/MS Access. The Client-Server version also allows remote controlling from up to ten different remote clients.

The SECUSYS2000 software is available in many languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian,Hebrew, Hungarian, and others.

The TCP/IP communication between the SECUSYS2000 software and the SECUSYS controllers is done transparently through Windows OS sockets, and not through emulation of Virtual Com Ports like what other vendors do. This allows the user to have auto detection of any TCP/IP controller

by the SECUSYS2000 software without any requirement to alter the network setup.


SECUSYS2000 can receive and deal with all the informations and to make a deision automatically, then the Centralized management becones to be reality.

SECUSYS2000 is the integration system of access control system, CCTV, Intrusion, it offers the inegrated solution for the customer; it can collect the state of all the equipment dots and realize the flow control among all the system according to the order.

SECUSYS2000 offer the complete develop tools for the integrated system: (1) Database sharely (2) OPC agreement (3) SDK develop bag (4) TCP/IP communication agreement integrated system Solution, in order that the other application systems can combine it, provides more safe and integrated security platform, also the customer can delvelop the software according to their own applicated requirment.

SECUSYS2000 is user-friendly, the user can finish all the operations for software and hardware according to the interface prompt.

SECUSYS2000 offers the good dilatation, it also can realize the seamless link with other subsystem,the customer can choose the single-function module of full-function module, then make the database sharely.


Multi Language

SECUSYS2000 suuports English, Chinese,Russian, French, Spanish etc, The language can be selected at the time of installation and subsequently changed once the software has been configured. To change the language from within the software, click the “Language” menu button.

Customized Language

Also the customer can edit the lanuage in the software.

Customized Interface

According to their own requirment, the customer can customize the structure, the module, and all the icons in the interface.

Multi Database

The system support both Windows MS_Access database and MS_SQL database;When the are several doors, the customer can choose the MS_Access database; where there are many doors, the customer can choose the MS_SQL Database, then it can keep the system be more stable.

Multiple users

SECUSYS Management Software allows multiple users (software operators) simultaneously and can give each user a different level of access.

That initially there is only a single user called “Administrator”, and “Administrator” can give the diferent user to have different access level, and the user only have the access level for his own department.

SECUSYS Manager system is cosist of PC and C/S, each client can connect the controller, but through the administrator’s setting, each client can only monitor the controllers which connect the client.。

Multi Site Setup

SECUSYS2000 provides a comprehensive graphical monitoring and control. Map allows having a visual map of the different sites, building and floors. User can view all controller components (locks, sensors, exit buttons, inputs, and outputs).

Map dynamic

All maps and controller components are dynamic. Components will change their graphical icon if their physical status has changed (i.e. lock was opened). Then the operator can know the changes of each components through the SECUSYS2000 interface.

Alert Email Notification

SECUSYS2000 allows to automatically sending an email in case of a certain event, it can set up maxed to 3 emails to allow the operators to know the event.

Pop up

The operator can choose the pop function, then, even the operator has min the SECUSYS2000, when there is even, the will have the pop to let the operator know the event.

Diferent color for diferent event

The operator can choose the different color to be the diferent event, then the event can be recognized easily.

Diferent sound for diferent event.

Wave file to be played when event happens, then the event can be recognized easily.

Multi communication managment

The ssystem adopts multi communication management, then it can carry out many orders at the same time to make a high work effiency.

Database sharely

In SECUSYS2000, all the hardwares and the sub-menu can share both the database and Parameters.

Auto Backup Database

In SECUSYS2000, we can setup backup automatically according the backup frenquency, backup time, then even the system is destructed, all the database can be recovered, to reduce the customer’s benefit.

Export and Import Events Automatically

Except overlook all the event in SECUSYS2000 interface, SECUSYS2000 also offer exporting events by txt or excel, besides, it also offer importing excel documents from other system.

Remember the operation screen

When choose remember screen, when the operator log next time, the SECUSYS2000 will go to the operation screen for last time.

Searching/Add/Delete quickly

SECUSYS2000 has the Filter function, the operator can Search, Add, Delete the target quickly, the operator also can register the card user Continuously, and delete the card user quickly.

Supports TC3XY series controller, TA7008, DIO3168NT, DVR, Intusion.


Computer Cofigration Suggestion:



Main board

Intel Pentium4,512M


XGA display card and color monitor resolution≧1024*768)

Hard disk

80G(7200 rpm)200M for Valid









Operation System

Windows 2000 Professiona SP4/Server,

Windows XP  Professiona SP2/Server