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Proximity Reader

Model: 6609P-A
Service Status: On Sale

Maximucm Read Range: 150mm

Frequency: 125KHz

Compatible Cards: EM, HID, AWID, KKID

Wiegand Output: WG26/34

Key word: Proximity Card Reader, Frenquency 125KHz, HID/AWID/EM Card Reader

Product Info


This superior quality Proximity reader is rugged, weather-resistant and attractive in design. The product was designed to reduce stock levels. Blue backlit LED assist operation in low or no light conditions. With the internal sounder, 6609P-A provides superior accessibility.

6609P-A can be easily disinfiected in areas where hygine is important, and has an expectionally long life due to no moving parts. The unit resists the elements such as glue, oil, rain, ice, snow. Ideal for hopsitals, industrial and commercial application.

This dual-application product has advanced reader features for wide compatibility with different controller types including multiple RFID card transmission formats, LED  & Buzzer control.


Smooth attractive design, with all-weather

Blue LED as normal.

1 LED with 2 colors and integral sounder for programming and operation.

Green connector for wiring.

Supports EM, HID, AWID, KKID cards.


Model 6609P-A
Maximum Read Range 150mm
Frequency 125KHz
Compatible Cards EM, HID, AWID, KKID
Wiegand Output WG26/34
Operating Voltage 7-12VDC
Operating Current ≤100mA
Standby Current ≤50mA
LED Blue, Green
Buzzer Support
Material ABS
Working Temperature -30°C~65°C
Working Humidity 0~95%
Weight 150g
Dimensions 86mm L x 86mm W x 21mm D