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Access Controller

Model: DPU-OSDP24
Service Status: On Sale

• Name: 2 Doors 4 Readers Access Controller

• Cardholder Capacity: 30,000/100,000

• Transaction: 500,000

• Power Supply: 9-15VDC

• Weight: 3kg (with Cabinet & Power Supply Unit)

Key word: Card & Biometric Reader, proximity, smart card, face recognition, biometric, fingerprint

Product Info

The DPU-OSDP24 access controller, (DPU-OSDP series, 2 Doors, 4 Readers, compatible with OSDP reader) is an economical 2 door access controller that support OSDP reader. It can be used in a standalone or networked configuration mode. It's compatible with the DPU3000NT and POE series access controllers, lift controller and I/O controller. The DPU-OSDP series controller also can be connected to a TCP/IP network and work perfect with Sphinx Integration System.


Cardholder capacity: 30,000-100,000 cards; Transaction storage : 500,000 events

TCP/IP, RS485 communication

Support TCP secondary connection

Support Anti-PassBack

Support user password, card + password, super password to open door

Support time schedule for door status control and door access control

Support OSDP Readers, the encrypted transmission between reader and controller is more secure

Support combine card , master & slave card, group card, handicap card etc. various way to open the door

Support ‘Door Open too Long’, ‘Door Forced Open’ etc various alarm output

Support remote control for any controller components

Support center confirmation and single time password confirmation for door opening

Support 24 sets of flow control setting by input&output, support flow control by event

Support consumption channel

Support enable boss card to force the door normally open or normally close

Support count up the number of people in areas and limit Max &Min number of the people

Support QR code/ID card verification of visitors

Support AES128 encryption in TCP/IP mode

Support IEEE802.1X

Support relay output in reverse

Support flow control between offline controllers

Support arm linkage and disarm linkage

20 years of data storage after power off


Model DPU-OSDP24
Door 2 (Two Way)
CPU ARM Cotex-M4
Communication TCP/IP 10/100M; RS485
Cardholder Capacity 30,000/100,000
Transaction 500000
OSDP Reader 4
OSDP Bus 4
Aux Input 2
Aux Output Relay 2
Exit Button 2
Door Sensor 2
Voltage 9-15VDC
Current Current ≤ 0.3A (only controller); Current ≤ 3A (with card reader)
Supervisor Support
Working Temperature -20°C~65°C
Dimension 167*107*20mm
Weight 171g
Certificate CE,FCC,RoHS,MA