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Access Controller

Model: DPU-OSDP48
Service Status: On Sale

• Name: 4 Doors 8 Readers Access Controller

• Cardholder Capacity: 30,000/100,000

• Transaction: 500,000

• Power Supply: 9-15VDC

• Weight: 3kg (with Cabinet & Power Supply Unit)

Key word: Card & Biometric Reader, proximity, smart card, face recognition, biometric, fingerprint

Product Info

The DPU-OSDP48 access controller, (DPU-OSDP series, 4 Doors, 8 Readers, compatible with OSDP reader) is an economical 4 door access controller that support OSDP reader. It can be used in a standalone or networked configuration mode. It's compatible with the DPU3000NT and POE series access controllers, lift controller and I/O controller. The DPU-OSDP series controller also can be connected to a TCP/IP network and work perfect with Sphinx Integration System.


• Cardholder capacity: 30,000-100,000 cards; Transaction storage : 500,000 events

• TCP/IP, RS485 communication

• Support TCP secondary connection

• Support Anti-PassBack

• Support user password, card + password, super password to open door

• Support time schedule for door status control and door access control

• Support OSDP Readers, the encrypted transmission between reader and controller is more secure

• Support combine card , master & slave card, group card, handicap card etc. various way to open the door

• Support ‘Door Open too Long’, ‘Door Forced Open’ etc various alarm output

• Support remote control for any controller components

Support center confirmation and single time password confirmation for door opening

• Support 24 sets of flow control setting by input&output, support flow control by event

• Support consumption channel

• Support enable boss card to force the door normally open or normally close

• Support count up the number of people in areas and limit Max &Min number of the people

• Support QR code/ID card verification of visitors

• Support AES128 encryption in TCP/IP mode

• Support IEEE802.1X

• Support relay output in reverse

• Support flow control between offline controllers

• Support arm linkage and disarm linkage

• 20 years of data storage after power off


Model DPU-OSDP48
Door 4 (Two Way)
CPU ARM Cotex-M4
Communication TCP/IP 10/100M; RS485
Cardholder Capacity 30,000/100,000
Transaction 500000
OSDP Reader 8
OSDP Bus 4
Aux Input 2
Aux Output Relay 2
Exit Button 4
Door Sensor 4
Voltage 9-15VDC
Current Current ≤ 0.3A (only controller); Current ≤ 3A (with card reader)
Supervisor Support
Working Temperature -20°C~65°C
Dimension 167*107*20mm
Weight 180g
Certificate CE,FCC,RoHS,MA