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Magnetic Card Reader

Model: MR600U
Service Status: On Sale

• Name: Magnetic Card Reader

Maximucm Read Range: 50mm

Frequency: 13.65MHz

Compatible Cards: Visa, Master card, CPU card

Wiegand Output: WG66

Key word: Magnetic Card Reader, bank card reader, car packing system, access standeralone,Visual access system,electronic petrol system,IC & ID card

Product Info


MR600U is a practical reader which support bank card, healthy card etc with WG66 format output, it configure with a functionality dip switch that used to output different format of card number. It also support both RFID and swipe magnetic stripe card.

The blue backlight assist operation in low or no light conditions. With the internal sounder, MR600U provides superior accessibility.


• Support ISO14443-A protocol

Supports RFID and magnetic stripe card

3Des encryption

Smooth attractive design

Blue backlight convenient to night use

With a functionality dip switch to achieve multiple output

Light and buzzer control indicate the difference between illegal and legal cards

1 LED with 2 colors and integral sounder for programming

Manufactured in ISO:9001 registered facility


Model MR600U
Maximum Read Range 50mm
Frequency 13.56MHz
Compatible Cards Visa, Master card, CPU card
Wiegand Output WG66
Operating Voltage 7-12VDC
Operating Current ≤150mA
Standby Current ≤50mA
LED Blue, Green
Buzzer Support
Material ABS
Working Temperature -30°C~65°C
Working Humidity 0~95%
Weight 150g
Dimensions 86mm L x 86mm W x 30mm D