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Hotel Lock

Model: KKHL100MSS
Service Status: On Sale
Applicable card T5557 Mifare one EM Card
Read range 3-5cm Dynamic consumption 200mA
Static consumption <10μA

Material color

Low voltage hint 4.8V Operation humidity <95%
Operation temperature -20℃~50℃ Lock Weight 4.0Kg
Operation environment -40℃~70℃

Key word: IC card contactless electronic hotel anti-theft lock, Hotel lock smart software management system, SECUSYS hotel locks management system

Product Info

Model Definition:

Using electromagnetic contactless technology, more sensitive
Voltage: 4 pieces of 5 (AAA) Alkaline batteries
Static power: <10μA
Dynamic power: about 200mA
Low voltage hint: 4.8v
Operation temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Operation humidity: < 95%
Anti static electricity: > 15,000 V, in strong electrostatic interference can still be under guarantee information is not lost, stable work
Material: stainless steel wiredrawing, electroplating aureate (silver)
Door of installing size requirement: door thick in 36mm above, if the surface with lace, it should be from door edge lace 110mm above;
Open the door direction: left pushed the door open, right pushed the door open, left pull open the door, right pull open the door,
Lock dimensions: H300*W83*T26.5mm.
Lock core dimensions: H204*W106*T23mm;
Card types: the United States TEMIC company contactless card or Dutch PHILIPS ® company Mifare1 contactless card