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Magnetic Card Reader

Model: MR500U
Service Status: On Sale
Voltage DC 12V Unlock time 1-10 sec.
Card standard ISO7811-7815 Read card time 10-120cm/s
Magnetic head ≥600000 Temperature -42℃~45℃
Humidity 10-90% Dimension L138×W56×H32(mm)

Key word: Magnetic Card Reader, bank card reader, car packing system, access standeralone,Visual access system,electronic petrol system,IC & ID card

Product Info

Head ANSI/reading accord with ISO standards
Any bank credit card can use without card storage limit.
Zinc alloy metal cover strong and durable
Prevent dismantle the screw design, anti-theft bludgon into;
Adopt unique anti-interference measures, suitable for all kinds of environmental installation;
Imported alloy head, ultraabrasion resistant, high sensitivity, support high low-speed machine;
Special mosfet high-capacity electricity lock output module, which is suitable with all Electricity Lock;
There are dry contact automatic door signal output, may simultaneously meet access electricity lock and automatic lock;
With ABAT rack II card number output interface, real-time monitoring records;
Charge state acousto-optic double alarm, and have bludgon into alarm remote contact output.